Whisper Kisses and Human Touches

A mother gently kisses her sleeping child
tiny whisper kisses embrace soothe comfort uplift
God breathes his grace into our lives
cradles our hearts cushions our souls

In our humanness
Our eyes minds thoughts and hopes
meet dance parry and agree

There is no end as there was no beginning
only a continuum
that carries has carried will carry
pain love fun confusion play and sorrow

We are
in the moment in our memories in our dreams
we become
the whisper kisses of God

What are Whisper Kisses?  To me, they are those gentle little kisses that a mom gives their sleeping child or, for me, a sleeping pet, where you want to express love but you don’t want to disturb their slumber.  I believe that the recipient feels them in the love that is given, that wraps itself around them in a protective cocoon, but that their dreams are not interrupted by that expression.  You often see the loved being smile ever so slightly and relax into the soothing energy.

I think that God gives us those Whisper Kisses all throughout the day in ways that remind us constantly that He loves us but doesn’t necessarily want to intrude on the life we are making.  It’s that little unexpected thing that goes right when all else is seeming a loss.  It’s the lone daisy coming up through a crack in the asphalt.  It’s a sparkle of sunlight on the leaves of a tree or the happy chirp of a bird as you walk by.  It’s an unexpected phone call from an old friend, a text from your son or a wag of your dog’s tail.  It’s the crisp taste of peach or the smell of jasmine.  Whisper Kisses are those little joys that hopefully you’re not too wrapped up in yourself to experience, since they are the tiniest touches of God in your life. 

I think, too, that we are asked to be Whisper Kisses of God.  Have you ever felt that urge to call someone for no reason or to smile at a coworker you hardly know; to stop for a moment and acknowledge your pets wagging tail or give someone a compliment with no ulterior motives? Maybe you clip a flower from your front yard and send it through the tube with your deposit at the bank or spontaneously text a friend to meet you for coffee.  It could be as simple as handing your restaurant leftovers to the homeless man on the corner or mailing a card for no reason to your mom to tell her you appreciate how she raised you.  God is asking you to be His Whisper Kiss – not to scream “I am God” but to whisper “I am Love”.

How have you been a Whisper Kiss this week?

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