Don’t Tell Me that Pets Don’t Mourn

Please don’t ever tell me that animals do not mourn.  The left photo of Borrego was taken six weeks before our dog Midnight was diagnosed and died of cancer.  The right photo was taken three weeks after Midnight passed.  The grey shroud of mourning is so prominent in the photo it even made me gasp.  For the first week that Midnight was gone, Borrego merely wandered around the house.  Her demeanor is markedly more subdued, even now.  

Borrego tolerates very few adult dogs but was a constant companion with Midnight.  Three years Midnight’s elder, I think that Borrego counted on Midnight’s steadfast nature to keep her grounded.  I do not think that Borrego will ever again have a companion that she trusts and  interacts with as she did with Midnight.  Yes, we feel Midnight’s loss and many tears have been shed by the humans in our family.  Based on the white in Borrego’s countenance, I can guarantee you that she has done her share of crying as well.

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1 Response to Don’t Tell Me that Pets Don’t Mourn

  1. Donna Peters says:

    Kim, the photos and your words brought tears to my eyes. I hope that your message, and Borrego’s physical change, serve as a reminder to people what true companionship is. Whether between dogs, or between a dog and their human, no one is prepared when the time comes to say goodbye. If Borrego and Midnight convey that message, what a lovely and lasting tribute to a dog that had so much to give in life. And in death.


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