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A retrospective on yesterday’s election

I worked the election drop box in Edmonds, WA yesterday for the Snohomish County elections. In Snohomish, we don’t have polling places. People fill out their ballots in the privacy of their own homes and drop them, postage free, in … Continue reading

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For those of you who know me, you know that Thanksgiving is my day – and not just for the food (for which I am also grateful) – gratitude is important to me. Every day, at the end of the … Continue reading

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Breathe in productivity – Breathe out procrastination >> A Guide to Productive Meditation

Meditation can help you focus, relax, and create clarity. Practitioners claim that it can enhance creativity and help us become more aware of our core selves. I’ve always wanted to be able to meditate but really, up until recently, about the … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Non-Profit Social Media Outreach

Your organization has made the decision to dip their toe in social media or to ramp up current efforts.  Social media in its various platforms is a wonderful way to connect with your supporters and to participate in the conversation … Continue reading

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My post one year from now…

I believe very strongly in visualization as a path to realization.  To follow is the post that I will make one year from now.  I know you’ll be on the edge of your seat at this time next year to … Continue reading

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I learned a lot from Mocha

I lined up patiently with the other 9 puppy owners in the empty parking lot behind the Sizzler. We all chatted excitedly about our young pups and the high hopes we had for them in these training classes. My Mocha … Continue reading

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Musings on An Empty Cage

Buddy stares into the empty cage  and sees the hole that Wynken left in my heart. A little over a week has gone by since Wynken passed and not a day goes by where I don’t look at that cage … Continue reading

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TPO Surgery

When I was looking into whether or not to get TPO surgery for Borrego, I looked high and low for a normal person’s account of what the process would be like.  All I found was a gazillion doctor perspectives.  I … Continue reading

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A Tiny White Feather

I found a tiny white feather today.  It sparkled on the black pavement in front of me and compelled me to pick it up.  It makes me very sad. Let me explain.  In late 2010, I was driving to work … Continue reading

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How One Homeless Dog Becomes Eleven

Champagne wasn’t much more than a puppy herself when she was dumped by an anonymous person at our local shelter. She ducked low as a leash was looped over her head and, sadly, seemed used to being led into a cement … Continue reading

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