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Musings on An Empty Cage

Buddy stares into the empty cage  and sees the hole that Wynken left in my heart. A little over a week has gone by since Wynken passed and not a day goes by where I don’t look at that cage … Continue reading

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A Tiny White Feather

I found a tiny white feather today.  It sparkled on the black pavement in front of me and compelled me to pick it up.  It makes me very sad. Let me explain.  In late 2010, I was driving to work … Continue reading

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Gourds and Human Imperfections

This morning I was working on making gourd birdhouses. My gourds were grown last year and have been sitting in the garden waiting for me to do something with them for all this time.  They have been moved from place … Continue reading

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If I had to come up with one word to describe my relationship with Cariann, it would be “conversations”. When I was thinking about this, I was torn between the word “questions” and the word “conversations”. Cariann has always really … Continue reading

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Whisper Kisses and Human Touches

A mother gently kisses her sleeping child tiny whisper kisses embrace soothe comfort uplift God breathes his grace into our lives cradles our hearts cushions our souls In our humanness Our eyes minds thoughts and hopes meet dance parry and … Continue reading

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